Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Yard Power

The BRWM received some new power. It's a Broadway Limited SW-7 with sound. The engine seemed light compared to my Atlas S-4's, but it pulls 15 cars around the yard easily enough.

The sound seems a bit loud, even though I dialed down the master volume. I'm sure I'll be tweeking the sound for awhile.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Portland Staging Coming Along

The back eight feet of Portland has been put together and wired up for awhile now. I'm currently working on the front half where all the switches are. The track is installed and wired up with all the appropriate blocks. I had five tortoises to wire and install. I need eleven total.

I didn't want to tear out too much of the original staging so I bought six new tortoise machines and they came today. They are wired and ready to be installed tomorrow. I figured I would need them eventually, since I'm putting in sidings in two towns that don't currently have any.

I broke out an I/O board and occupancy detectors for hooking everything up to the computer. It looks like I will eventually need to purchase more occupancy detectors..

I modified the JMRI file for the computer to change to staging to stub staging in Portland only. This should make life easier for the dispatcher. It will allow me to add the appropriate tracks later when I get everything hooked up and still run with the current tracks until that time.