Monday, August 1, 2011

Major construction is on hold for now

I have completed as much as I'm going to try and complete before the upcoming NC Railrun. I have a regular op session and a vacation coming up, so I will stick to smaller items until after the Railrun.
The last few days have been spent building a few cars for use as extras and to fill the Canadian train up. This will be a through train so I can put my duplicate train numbers and spare cars on temporarily. To make the train available I also put decoders into two more engines (with two more on the bench). We'll start seeing some double headed units soon.
This means I'll also need detectable cabooses. I went out and bought two more cabooses and rounded up a bunch of wheels to put into my new wheel jig to make resistor wheels. So now I have all of my cabooses detectable and I'm up to about 14 wheels with resistors. Good for about 7 cars. I'll soon find the matching wheelsets on the cars and we'll be seeing better detection as the number of cars with resistor wheels grows. This will take time though, I have about 250 cars to go.