Sunday, March 18, 2018

Radio Issues Fixed....One can only hope

I think I actually solved the problem. Mike Pennie came to help, but we were only just moving the antenna’s around. This was not working.

I got on the NCE group site and got a few troubleshooting ideas.

Short version of the story is it was a plug in transmitter for my XM radio in the basement. I’m now connecting in 4-5 seconds in the train room. With the transmitter plugged in it jump to 10 seconds to never.

Longer version was turning off all the breakers in the basement and turning on the layout and powering up every breaker one at a time and going into the train room and testing. One breaker in the middle was the culprit so I turned it off and tested everything else. I looked up at my XM radio and it said no signal, which leads me to the long forgotten transmitter. I checked that receptacle and is was powered down. I unplugged the transmitter and closed the breaker and tested and I was still good.

I originally had the RB02 and two repeaters. Now the repeaters are disconnected.

Now I’ll try not to hold my breath until after Tuesday‘s op session.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Finally making lumber

Finally have enough done to bring out some of my old loads. The decals are for “Ellsworth Building Supply”, which is also on the layout, “Fraser Paper” and “Moose Lumber” (not shown). These came from the Eastern Maine Model Railroad Club many years ago.

Bangor updates

Earlier the road wasn’t here. I felt the original road ended to abruptly, so it was added

Love the scene here. Looks like passengers getting ready for a trip.

Looking south in Bangor



More detailing on upper level

The river needed a fly fisherman.

Some cars and more trees.

Grade Crossing

Start of a grave yard

The grave yard and the trees and roads between Staging and Portland.

Work near Portland Yard

Starting the buildings for the alley way behind the yard

The paved yard.

A little scenicing work behind the yard.

Starting Portland

Finally getting to the lower level. I had three industries along the backdrop with space in between them. I put picture flats between them. These flats reminded me of the downtown area in Portland. I will probably put a few more trees in front of them, because they are not meant to be part of the industries just background.