Friday, June 6, 2014

Changes in Brunswick and Bath

With all of the track changes I recently made the paperwork needed to be changed. That is complete now. Here is a listing of the changes.

1. Added wye for engine turning in Brunswick
2. Moved King Coal from Bath to Brunswick
3. Moved Maine Scrap in Brunswick and added one more spot.
4. Moved Engine Facility and added one more tank car spot.
5. Added Baxter Shoes with 2 spots.
6. Added diesel and steam fueling capability
7. Added Capt. Jack's Boat building to place vacated by Coal Co.
8. Added Stanley Stoves with one one new spot in Bath.
9. Added 11 new cars to cover the increase in spots.
10. Changed about 30 waybills.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Car Float Operations

I have always liked the idea of having car float operations, but I just couldn't justify it. Every once in a while I would think about again, but not act. Then today I found out Bath, Maine had car float ops in the 30's. Now the wheels are turning again.

Diesel Engine Facility Layout

The wye and fueling facility installed. The track next to the fueling facility will hold two cars for diesel fuel. The track in front of it will hold hoppers for coal and sand. The steam engine refueling was placed along the wye. It is smaller due to the reduction of steam engines in 1959.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brunswick Changes

My effort at making changes in Brunswick are slowly coming along. My goals were:

1. Engine turning capability
2. Engine storage
3. More industry switching for the yard crews

1. A wye was installed.
2. Still in the works, but it looks like I may be able to use a special scratch built turnout made for me by Mike Porterfield for the old layout.
3. Moved all existing industry towards the wye, added a two spot coal depot, two track fueling facility for diesels, a spot for steam engines to refuel (on the wye). Cleared up the whole middle of Brunswick for new industry.

It will take awhile to implement everything into a session because new control panels and computer programming and I'll need another auto-reverser ordered

Diesel fueling station

The diesel fuel station that I purchased from the Eno Valley Railroad had a base that looked like it could be put in from the underside of the bench work. However, there were enough things sticking out that said this would be very tough to do, especially by myself, and I really want to get it installed in one piece.

First I cut the hole so the fueling station will slide in from the top.

Then I cut a plywood base large enough to attach from the bottom. I also cut a hole in the middle to allow access to the wires and so I can get a hand in there so I can lower it from the bottom.

I put spacers in so that the fueling station would sink low enough and be flush with the top. This will be screwed in from the bottom. The fueling station fits inside of this from the top.

The fueling station sitting in the frame.