Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The sun comes up in Brunswick

I finally got around to seriously looking at lighting options for the lower level. I looked at numerous options and for now I settled on a flexible LED light strip. It is 16 ft long, there are 300 LED's that run off 12 vdc and is 24 watts of power. You can look at the first picture and see what Brunswick looked like before I put any lights in. It was even going to get worse once all of the scenery was installed above.
The strip comes with a sticky backing, but until I was sure of where it will go and even if I liked it I temporarily fastenened it with tie wraps. This took all of 5 minutes.

Look at the difference in Brunswick once I turned the lights on. It probably looks better in person than with a picture. The LED's are about 1/2" apart so the lighting is real even. The front to back spread of the light seems real good also. If you are a purest with the color then you'll have to figure it out.
This is the LED strip. It is not much thicker than movie film. It comes in color temps, just like fluorescent lights do. I chose "natural light", 4000K-4500K, with a yellow background. There are other options in regular light and reds, blues and greens. You can get a white background and waterproof if you want. I figured worse case I can use them as under cabinet lights in the kitchen.
I put a link at the bottom, in case anyone wants to look. These are ordered from England, but then shipped from Hong Kong.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Searsport Industrial Gets Local Control

First the new industries were installed and then the track was made operable in the computer. This allowed the dispatcher to throw the turnouts if needed for overflow, but wasn't good enough to allow operations. The next step in allowing the new industries to come on line was to get the new local control panel operable , so the YM could do the switching. This has now been done. the final step will be to change out the modified waybills to match the new industries

Not only is there local control for the new industries. The Searsport YM will be glad to know that four yard tracks were lengthened 1 to 1 1/2 car lengths, which should help, if just a little, in the yard. This was all there was room for.