Friday, December 27, 2013


I purchased all of the signals from layout owners that no longer needed their signals. These are Oregon Rail Supply signals that were already built, but not painted. Here they are in stands after painting.

They were eventually placed on the layout. Since I bought from a few different people I ended up with a few different brands.

Phone System Common Board

This is the panel where the common components are located. This was before I installed it and connected up all of the wires going to the phones and the call station.

Phone System

This is the panel that I made for the dispatcher to call the various phones on the system. There is also an in-use light. When the button is pushed a buzzer will sound and a local green light will light up. The light above each town and the local light will stay lit until the station operator (engineer) picks up the phone.
The dispatcher will have a headset for communication. He also has a foot switch to engage the mouth piece.

Yarmouth Falls

When I moved many years back, I brought some of the old layout with me. The falls in the front was from the old layout. The rock formation was all that was reused. The water was added later.

The water was a real effort. I started with gloss medium which didn't clear up to my satisfaction. I need up using envirotext lite. I damned it at the top and needless to say there was some dripage. It dripped slow enough that the envirotext stayed on the falls enough to work for me. The bottom was a little deeper than planned, but the over all effect was nice. I used white paint for the highlights.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Update finally

It's been a long time since I posted so this will have to be a quick catch up. Facebook has been getting the most updates, with the web page coming in second.

This year has been mostly an electrical year. The mainline between the two end staging yards is completely signaled and under full CTC control. 80% of the rolling stock has resistor wheelsets installed, so the dispatcher has a much easier time watching trains on the computer screen

A new phone system was built and installed, based on the write up in the OpSig magazine. The room is much quieter now.

I'm now working on learning JMRI so that I will eventually be able to upgrade to newer computers. If all goes well the dispatcher will be able to dispatch up stairs on a MAC.

Oh yeah, I did do some scenery along the way.