Sunday, September 4, 2011

Railrun Pictures

Steve Prevette dispatching during Sunday's session.

John Cox and his son John Working Bodwell Yard during Sunday's session.

Gil Brauch working Bodwell Yard while Roy Becker brings in the Wood Job during Friday's session.

John Cox working Porterfield Yard in Searsport during Friday's session.

Phil DeChene helping Yardmasters Cal Reynolds and Dave Chance to get oriented during Fridays session.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Notes after Round 1

It appears that I need to retrain the yardmasters on the proper use of waybills in the yard. During the session yesterday it was noted that I didn't have a waybill for a reefer. There is only two ways this can be. Waybills are being put in the wrong cars or some are getting lost. During the discussion it was discovered that one of the regulars misunderstood some things about how to properly tell which car gets which new waybill when it returns to to the yard empty. So today I went around looking for all waybills from Bodwell Yard. Luckily there were only 25. At least 10 were wrong. Some were not matched on the AAR and there were a couple that were placed in cars from another home yard. Some of the trains haven't been run in a while, so this is a carryover from at least one earlier session. I'll have to do what one of the other owners have done, give a class then give a test.
Some people also don't understand how to handle the OFFSET car. I have only had two in all these months, but neither one has yet moved unless I restaged it. Re-training.
WJ-1's maiden voyage was off to a shaky start. It made it to Searsport, but the cars and Car cards didn't match when they got there.
On an up note, the paper mill and Yard special instruction cards were all handled the way I want to see it done.

Friday, September 2, 2011

NC Railrun 2001 Session 1.

We survived the first round of the NC Railrun 2011.
I had an issue with a panel dying in the middle of the last regular session . I made a few changes before this session and the problem did not return. I had a sensor go bad in Rockland, so one of the mainlines is giving a false occupancy. I'll see if it can be fixed before Round 2, if not the dispatcher will have to work around it.
There were a few other minor details some fixed on the spot and some we'll have to live with this weekend.
All in all things went well. We went 12 hrs. into a 24 hr. schedule at a 4:1 ratio. The trains were slightly behind schedule. SK-1 will need to get its schedule adjusted. It always seemed to run way behind, which then causes a pile up at Searsport when it returns.
Finally the first Wood Job got its chance to run. It made it as far as Searsport when time ran out.