Thursday, April 6, 2017

Name Change is Back

Along time ago I was looking into a name change. The original name didn't fit anymore. I also had a hard time trying to make a good logo. One reason was the long Name. I brought it up about a year and half ago, with some possible changes. Since that time I saw pictures of the Central Maine & Quebec Railroad. I liked their logo and paint scheme a lot. I also have always liked the Belfast and Moosehead Railroad name. It runs out they both have a moose in their logo.

The name I had always leaned toward was Casco Bay Northen, which pretty much covers the area I'm modeling.

So I break out Photoshop and try to relearn how to do things. The first try was to modify the BML to colors that matched an engine picture I had and make the Moose a single color like the CMQ.

Then I changed the Moose to black. And even tried a black outline.

Then I brought back the original colors of the Moose.

Then I modified the colors to bett match the CMQ logo colors. I also tried a darker gray, but you couldn't see the name real good. Depending on the light in the picture the engine seems to change colors somewhat.

I'm leaning toward the lighter blue and the Moose with the shading, but I may have to try other colors first.

I also have all of the other names that was mentioned earlier in the photoshop version of this picture, but they are hidden for now. 

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